The Kamil Duszenko Award has been set up in memory of an outstanding young mathematician who died in 2014 of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), at the age of just 28.

This Award is also meant as an expression of gratitude to all the people who supported Kamil in different ways during his fight against the disease and ensured that all available methods of treatment were used to try and save Kamil’s life.

The Award is funded with money collected from generous donors to finance Clofarabine (which in 2014 was not refunded by the Polish National Health Care system for Kamil’s age group), the personal assets of Kamil himself and his family as well as the support of friends.

The Kamil Duszenko Award is granted for outstanding achievements in two fields: mathematics and haematology.

The Award is also intended to help people understand how important it is to become a bone marrow donor.




Contact: KD.Award(at)